As you make your bed, so you must lie on it

And this mainly decides how we sleep, how we relax during the night and what performance we are capable of the following day. Personal matters also play their part: preferences, need for heat, allergies and much more. You can find the ideal answer to all of these matters on the following pages.


KAUFFMANN is the latest traditional brand of Since 1823 KAUFFMANN stands for highest quality, finest down duvets. Here, our passion for refined down and feathers and our loving attention to detail are united. The result is satisfied customers in more than 40 countries across the globe.

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Climabalance by KAUFFMANN


Sleep better!deeper, more restful, healthier

Soft goose down and the innovative CLIMABALANCE® system keep your sleeping temperature in the idealcomfort range. The unique climate zone system transports excess heat and humidity away from the body up to three times better than does conventional bedding material. The blanket, pillow, and mattress cover are inter-coordinated to provide the ideal conditions for sleeping.

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betty® the dreamcatcher

betty® the dreamcatcher

Duvets for all heat levels and pillows with cosy and supporting effect complete the new betty® collection with a clearly structured productrange. All betty® products filled with down and feathers are manufactured by skilled employees with highest precision. High diligence in the selection of fabrics in connection with top class fillings or the innovative TwinAir® technology which makes our down duvets particularly lightweight and soft result in products which carry their name betty® with good reason.



HC Sanders

HC Sanders



Sleep enjoyment at the highest level

The Atelier® collection is available in two quality levels or as an individually prepared special model from the retail trade. The Atelier® collection is distinguished by high quality workmanship and available in washable variants as well as the tried and tested quiltings. It is stocked in many sizes and degrees of warmth.
Atelier by Sanders® can be obtained from specialist



Founded more than 130 years ago, HB BEDDING INTERNATIONAL has one of the longest traditions in discovering the secrets of sleep in the world. Our creativeness is translated in some of the most astounding duvets and pillows you will find on the market. When we sit together, thinking about new ways to design bedding, we don't do this to just create a new duvet, but to revolutionize the world of sleep.