Strength lies in quality.

Friedrich Nietzsche

To fulfil professional requirements is a challenge. We have been confronting this challenge and fulfilling it for more than 130 years. In Sanders of Germany, trade finds a reliable partner, which supplies the complete spectrum from fabrics in bulk through pre-fabricated shells of high quality to down and feathers with a wide range of origins.

Fabrics/Ready-to-fill shells

The material of dreams

Sanders of Germany supplies down proof fabrics from piece goods through pre-fabricated shells. They are available in various sizes, quilting or colours. In the “Atelier” brand, Sanders of Germany offers a top-quality range. For larger quantities ordered, an individual corner label or embroidery is possible

Filling material

Filler material
Filler material

The inner values decide...

Down has been our business for more than 130 years. We prepare this noble natural product carefully and ensure consistent quality standards. This means that our partners can be sure to receive a top-quality product, regardless of whether they order an arctic premium wild down or down of a Pomeranian goose.