A dream of sleeping.

For more than 130 years.


“Our task is to give people healthy, relaxing sleep.”

Hans Künsemüller, 1853 - 1936, company founder and Osnabrück Senator.

For more than 130 years, the company founded already in 1883 in the Emsland still stands for naturally manufactured quality feather and down products tested in accordance with strict quality measures. In the meantime, the company has become one of the best performing providers in the industry. Innovative and close to its customers, large quantities but also special customer requests can be implemented. Internationally significant customers appreciate the sophisticated logistics and the reliable brand quality. Künsemüller bedding, quality and convenience for a long life-cycle.


The skill is in mastering the details.

We have been pursuing this philosophy for more than 130 years.
We want you to have years of joy from your Künsemüller bed. Convenience and lifespan are our measures. This is why we invest our love into the details and into a broad range of quality products and innovative new developments at a good price/performance ratio.
Bedding by Künsemüller is bedding competence you can rely on.