Sanders of Germany

"I have never slept as well as this"


The past is the foundation to build our future.

Sanders of Germany is a European company. The head office in Bramsche has been famous far beyond the borders of our country as a centre of top-quality draperies for more than 300 years. The Sanders brand is closely linked to this. Established in 1885 as “Mechanische Baumwoll-Weberei und Färberei Gebr. Sanders”, the company is today regarded as the first address for fine-threaded tight fabrics with best usage properties. Innovative bedding was added in 1993 which is unique throughout the world.
All of these products are made with top-quality raw materials, state-of-the-art technology and with the high quality awareness of our employees. Prices in line with the market, prompt delivery and a culture which has grown over 130 years make Sanders of Germany an appreciated partner of trade and industry.


More relaxation when asleep.

We cannot influence the duration of your sleep. But we can influence the quality of your sleep. To this end, we apply top-quality raw materials, best processing, research and development and our know-how gained over 130 years to manufacture products which are unique in the world market and to maximise your well-being, performance and health from the time you sleep. Sanders of Germany the best side to sleep.